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Lost diggers, lost souls

On Sunday Night this week, the main story was about finding thousands of glass plates, negatives of soldiers, including diggers in the attic of a derelict farmhouse in Vignacourt in France. They were allegedly taken around 1916. I could not … Continue reading

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Little elephant ballet

I watched a ballet class yesterday. There were twelve novice students all aged 3 or 4 years old  at  their second ever class. The teacher was more than twice as tall as her tallest pupil. Each student wore a pretty … Continue reading

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I write with my right hand

Let’s get this out in the open right from the start. 10-25% of people (depending on where you source the stats) cannot immediately tell their left from their right. I am one of them. There is no correlation of lack … Continue reading

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Interrupting cow

You know the joke. “Knock Knock.” “Who’s there?” “Interrupting Cow.” “Interrupting c..” “MOO!” Mum couldn’t do it. Timing was never her forte. We sat around the dinner table practicing until we all had the timing right, except Mum. She was … Continue reading

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Micro Art #1 Tendon near bone.

The image above is a normal piece of sheep shoulder tendon, not far from where the tendon attaches to the bone of the shoulder blade, magnified about 400 times. The “eyes” you can see are cells with a diameter of … Continue reading

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Dear fellow Aussie road users

Dear Revheads, Speeding is totally unnecessary and dangerous. We catch up with you speed freaks at the next set of lights, revving your engines and grinning like you’ve just done something really clever after having a lobotomy. What was the … Continue reading

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Eye, eye, eye! Stand back or be blurry.

Once upon a time, in a university far far away, the sensory perception experts in the psychology department clambered for me to come and help them with their visual stimulation experiments. I sat with my face pressed against big eyepieces … Continue reading

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Missing Angus

Angus the Boofhead  RIP 18 Feb 2010 Born before 1998 (don’t know when, he was an adult when we got him in 2000). He was given to us by friends who were outdone by his escape attempts, a dopey boofhead … Continue reading

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Most of us go crazy, at least once.

Mental illness is a serious and enormous problem, especially when there is a genetic predisposition and biological basis, as many of these people cannot be easily treated, let alone cured. Be assured I do not make light of this social … Continue reading

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Australian, more or less.

Interesting. So 44% of Australians were not born in Australia or have at least one parent who was not born in Australia. That does not give the other 56%, particularly those of us who were born here and whose parents … Continue reading

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