Australian, more or less.

Interesting. So 44% of Australians were not born in Australia or have at least one parent who was not born in Australia. That does not give the other 56%, particularly those of us who were born here and whose parents and grandparents were born here, any greater claim on this country. We have no higher order morality and deeper patriotic emotions just because we’ve been here longer.

Often those who come here voluntarily are more patriotic than those of us who are here through the accident of birth. They’ve seen what it can be like elsewhere and know how good we have it here. There are relatively few people who go hungry and beg on the streets, we seldom witness violent crime in our own neighbourhoods, our leaders war (usually) only verbally and are entertaining rather than frightening.

My 4 grandparents  but only 3 of my daughter’s grandparents were born here. She is certainty no less Australian that I am.

I love multiculturalism. I love the fact that we have authentic ethnic cuisine in every suburb, with true worldly flavours. I love the fact that we have evolved from meat, spud, yellow veg, green veg every night (except Friday when we had the only take away available – fish and chips) to pasta, rice and cous cous based dishes. I love falafel, sushimi and gelato (maybe not all at once but).

I would have loved to have been brought up bilingual as so many Australians are, and know  another language so well I could think in it, without the effort of learning it.

I love this country, despite the bogans and the yobbos, and the sooner we get the last few of them out of parliament, the better.

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1 Response to Australian, more or less.

  1. Mark L says:

    Here, here! Well said Margaret. We would be so much less without the many who’ve come. We will be less without the many still to arrive in the future.
    Mark (8 Australian great-grandparents)

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