Most of us go crazy, at least once.

Mental illness is a serious and enormous problem, especially when there is a genetic predisposition and biological basis, as many of these people cannot be easily treated, let alone cured. Be assured I do not make light of this social and financial health burden or the emotional toll it takes on those who have to cope with it in their lives.

But there is a number of  conditions which do lead to temporary insanity. Grief and anger are common triggers for craziness, though they should not be used as excuses for unlawful behaviour. A lesser known but very common condition causing craziness is pregnancy.

Not for the full term, but late pregnancy elicits a primitive innate response, commonly called “nesting instinct”. Many of us have experienced this and know first hand that it is actually a type of insanity that we are powerless to resist.We must clean. Everything.

My only fullterm confinement saw me dump eight Holland blinds into the bathtub with half a kilo of washing powder. To this day, I have no idea how I managed to detach them from the windows (or who eventually put them back). I was also caught vacuuming the ceilings and trying to remove motor oil from a stain on the carpet under my bed (don’t ask, that’s another story involving previous tenants and a well loved motorbike).

And I’m not the weirdest one by far. Check out this article in Parenting Weekly where some one removed the kitchen drawer knobs in order to disinfect the screws.

I have some advice for you if you know someone who has this insanity. For the love of God, don’t get in her way.

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