I am an AWSM psychic

Nostradamus has nothing on me.

Following is a collection of my bestest predictions, as tweeted this morning under the #notNostradamus hashtag.

Someone will says something slightly offensive and the media will blow it out of all proportion.

Today Tonight and ACA will have matching stories in the same week involving someone who runs away and slams a door.

Someone in the Opposition party will have a contrary view to someone in government.

This year, somewhere in the first world, a child will don a superhero suit and break a bone leaping off the garage roof.

Next year, at least one cat owner will get badly scratched trying to medicate their pet.

Next month, at dawn, a book reader will turn the light off and, realising it is still too dark, will turn it on again.

n 2012, at least one mother of teenagers will open the fridge and discover no leftovers and an empty milk carton.

In 2012, at least one showerer will don glasses to read whether the bottle in hand is shampoo or conditioner.

Next year, when school starts, a whole bunch of excited five year olds will put their new shoes on the wrong feet.

Within the next few months, in Canberra, a federal minister will have a microphone invade their personal space.

In the not-to-distant future, on a Monday, Tony Jones will say “I’ll take that as a comment.”

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2 Responses to I am an AWSM psychic

  1. marcellous says:

    I’m not on Twitter, so just wanted to comment on this tweet by you:

    “”She did like, whatever” “I know, like, what’s with that?” School girls on a train at Beecroft demonstrate erosion of north shore erudition. ”

    Call me old fashioned, but Beecroft is not the north shore. North shore is east of the Lane Cove River.

    • drmmobs says:

      So sorry I didn’t approve this when you posted it – I totally missed it.

      You must have thought I disagreed with you – I don’t at all!

      Thing is, the girls were on their way to North Sydney so it was the education that was North Shore, not the train.


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