About me

Everything I post here is completely my own opinion and does not reflect on my family, friends, employers or colleagues.

I do medical research in a bone and joint research lab. My current foci are osteoarthritis and the treatment of tendinopathy with stem cells. I am an Australian Ambassador for the Bone and Joint Decade (a WHO initiative).

To make my life more complicated and simpler at the same time, I’m currently completing a Masters in Biostatistics. Tufte is my hero – visual presentation of data with comprehension is an artform.

I read books, lots of books, fairly indiscriminately. I love thrillers by Jeffrey Deaver and Stephen King and all the old science fiction favourites (Wyndham, Farmer, Clarke, Heinlein, Smith, LaGuin, Asimov, Blish, Card). New nonfiction favourites include Hawking, Gott and Davies.

Way back when I was injury free, I orienteered, paddled canoes and ran marathons.

I have a large extended family, mostly in NSW, that includes a couple of grandchildren.

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