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The Train

I was sitting in the end seat of a different carriage in a different train at a different time of day than usual. I had opened my laptop and had a blur of data scrolling up the screen. The doors … Continue reading

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I am an AWSM psychic

Nostradamus has nothing on me. Following is a collection of my bestest predictions, as tweeted this morning under the #notNostradamus hashtag. Someone will says something slightly offensive and the media will blow it out of all proportion. Today Tonight and … Continue reading

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Sarah – a rebel with paws

Sarah was a beautiful German shorthaired pointer, who came to us from a broken home. What we weren’t told was that she broke it. Her mother, Mia, was an exceptionally well trained hunting dog, responding to hundreds of verbal and … Continue reading

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There are builders nextdoor.

I’m on leave and there are builders on the once vacant lot next door. Most builders work 7am to 3pm, so if you’re at work and they’re at home, it’s no big deal. However, I’ve been at home for a … Continue reading

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Pain – does it measure up?

In medical research, we have a problem with studying physical pain. It is difficult to find a way of measuring it that is not subjective. How do we measure how people feel pain? The most common way is by asking … Continue reading

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Correspondence with Barry O’Farrell on #protectresearch

Dear Barry O’Farrell MP, Thank you so much for your lovely letter. It is nice to know that the State Government is thinking of each and every NSW citizen paid by the government.  I did not understand all of it, … Continue reading

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I would like to do a post on this hashtag, #protectresearch, without sounding needy, whining and desperate but I’m not sure I can manage that. I’ll do my best. I have been employed doing medical research continuously without a break … Continue reading

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Thank you for caring for our country

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan cannot fail to impact us if we have any humanity. We’ve seen a plethora of images of the devastation in Japan. Some of them are heart-rending and some of them are incomprehensible in their … Continue reading

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EXTRA! EXTRA! How do you read all about it?

No judgement calls here, just presenting the facts. And a pie chart. Let’s imagine two fairly intelligent people who share a house. Let’s call them R1 and R2 ( to be totally non-ageist and non-sexist). Both these people like to … Continue reading

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Micro Art #2 Little artery

This is a very unusual image of a piece of synovium (the lining of the knee joint) cut through a blood vessel crossing the width of the section. It is stained with haematoxlin and eosin (the nuclei of the cells … Continue reading

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