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There are builders nextdoor.

I’m on leave and there are builders on the once vacant lot next door. Most builders work 7am to 3pm, so if you’re at work and they’re at home, it’s no big deal. However, I’ve been at home for a … Continue reading

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Pain – does it measure up?

In medical research, we have a problem with studying physical pain. It is difficult to find a way of measuring it that is not subjective. How do we measure how people feel pain? The most common way is by asking … Continue reading

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Correspondence with Barry O’Farrell on #protectresearch

Dear Barry O’Farrell MP, Thank you so much for your lovely letter. It is nice to know that the State Government is thinking of each and every NSW citizen paid by the government.  I did not understand all of it, … Continue reading

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I would like to do a post on this hashtag, #protectresearch, without sounding needy, whining and desperate but I’m not sure I can manage that. I’ll do my best. I have been employed doing medical research continuously without a break … Continue reading

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Thank you for caring for our country

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan cannot fail to impact us if we have any humanity. We’ve seen a plethora of images of the devastation in Japan. Some of them are heart-rending and some of them are incomprehensible in their … Continue reading

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You need an operation? We need an NBN.

People, please get a grip. If you have no idea what the NBN is, please don’t comment on it, you just look really ignorant and/or stupid. If you think the only use for a high speed high throughput internet connection … Continue reading

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Lost diggers, lost souls

On Sunday Night this week, the main story was about finding thousands of glass plates, negatives of soldiers, including diggers in the attic of a derelict farmhouse in Vignacourt in France. They were allegedly taken around 1916. I could not … Continue reading

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