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EXTRA! EXTRA! How do you read all about it?

No judgement calls here, just presenting the facts. And a pie chart. Let’s imagine two fairly intelligent people who share a house. Let’s call them R1 and R2 ( to be totally non-ageist and non-sexist). Both these people like to … Continue reading

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I write with my right hand

Let’s get this out in the open right from the start. 10-25% of people (depending on where you source the stats) cannot immediately tell their left from their right. I am one of them. There is no correlation of lack … Continue reading

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Dear fellow Aussie road users

Dear Revheads, Speeding is totally unnecessary and dangerous. We catch up with you speed freaks at the next set of lights, revving your engines and grinning like you’ve just done something really clever after having a lobotomy. What was the … Continue reading

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